Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council / Johan Wildhagen



Front Marine is an independent supplier of Norwegian salmon, salmon trout and cod.

The foundation of the company is to supply salmon and salmon trout to whole sellers, importers and industrial customers domestically and internationally.

Our aim is to be able to supply niche markets with quality products. Front Marine strives to ensure quality by being active in every part of the delivery process from farm, harvest, transport and delivery of the product.


The process

The process of production, sales and transport are all handled by Front Marine. Through our logistical partners we can deliver anywhere between 500 kg to 20 000 kg to any reachable destination in the world. Whether fresh or frozen, domestically or internationally, Front Marine values all customers from small importers to large industrial producers.
Every process of our products are documented, from smolt, harvest to transport. Please see our contact information for our best solution.


Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council / Ole Musken


About us

Front Marine was founded in August 2011, and is based in Bergen on the west coast of Norway. The company is owned by its employees, who all have several years of experience in the seafood industry.

The key success factors of Front Marine, is to deliver salmon and salmon trout through quality production, efficient delivery and close follow up through the entire purchasing process. The success of our customers is a key factor for the success of Front Marine.



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General Manager
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Photo: Norwegian Seafood Council / Johan Wildhagen